Need help picking out new fans

so my computer is almost a year old, and I still have the stock fans that came with my NZXT Phantom case... I watercooled my computer this past christmas and am now looking into getting new fans.... so far I have it narrowed down to


silverstone AP-121 -

Silverstone AP-121-L -

Silverstone AP-123 -


I am looking for two 120mm fans for my rad, preferably static pressure optimized ones..... and then three 120mm and o my case... I looked into corsair fans, ne 140mm, preferably air flow optimized ones, for the rest ofbut they seem over-priced


1 or 2. The third is lower is static pressure. Yeah the corsair fans are pretty expensive for what they are, run of the mill fan with a coloured ring.

Other fans to look at are Noiseblockers, scythe gt's & bitfenix spectre pro's.