Need help picking CPU and MOBO for gaming

I am planning on upgrading this christmas and I need more RAM, which means that I need a new MOBO (currently using DDr2) so I figured might as well get a mobo with a newer socket and upgrade my cpu while I'm at it.

Right now I have an HD 5670 as my graphics card, I don't know if that helps to decide anything or not

I'd like to be able to play games like dayz and battlefeild 3 pretty well without having to upgrade my CPU again in a year for newer games. 

I don't think the RAM I pick makes much of a difference, it's just the motherboard and CPU I am worried about

Right now I am looking at an FX-6300 (maybe an FX-4300) and this motherboard (I don't know much about motherboard picking, so I just chose a cheaper one that seemed like it had everything I needed)

the budget is probably around $250 preferably, but I might be able to go to around $300 (keep in mind the ram will be around $35

icky... that mobo is a pile..... and old... doesn't have ANY usb3, and it's loaded with legacy interfaces

you want a 970 or 990fx northbridge, and I would stay away from biostar, i've never see biostar reccomended.

take a look at this one:

will that work with my 5670 though? I looked and my GPU uses an PCI express 2.1 and this mobo says it has PCI express 2.0

hmm... good thing you told me, i'll look into it. I don't think the biostar had 2.1 anyways.

it didn't, that was something I forgot to mention in the OP

ok, the answer is yes, it will work just fine. pcie 2.1 was just kind of a half-step towards 3.0. just has some advaned systems suported that were in development for 3.0, nothing really important to most users.

also, get an aftermarket cooler like the hyper 212, the fx cpu's run pretty hot.

so you'd recommend the FX-6300 then?

yeah, it's a good budget cpu since you already have a gpu.