Need help picking a clan name

so, I am in the Escape from Tarkov Alpha and in EFT clans are called PMCs.

I am putting together a PMC that is a conglomerate of smaller clans under one banner.

I had the idea to have it be a Syndicate in homage to Tek Syndicate but I cant seem to decide on a name.

Can someone suggest a good name for the Syndicate or Conglomerate?

Here are some of the ideas i have so far:

I got most of these from name generators:

The abandoned syndicate
The Silent Syndicate
The blue crocodile company
The enigma syndicate
The grey phantom syndicate
The liberation front
The green water syndicate
The United Front
The Death Division
Chaos Posse
Cult Of Extreme Commandos
Council Of Perfect Ninjas
Ninjas Of The Universe
Radiers Of Canada

the alpha starts next week so I need to have a name to register ASAP.

TAS - The Apex Syndicate.

can you explain the significance of the Apex Syndicate?

Not really significant. Apex was an old now long forgotten and disbanded delta force clan from the early ages of the internet. Clan tag was simply ^


I got a kick out of the Raiders of Canada option. As well as the Ninjas ones.

I thought about calling it The Tek Syndicate but I figured @Logan and @DeusQain would get pissed ^_^.

what can I say? I love Tek Syndicate. As it is, Ill be sticking with The Apex Syndicate unless someone suggests otherwise. Anyone from Tek Syndicate is welcome to join it for Escape from Tarkov.

The undecided

Subdued Deadly

Certain Domination

Quixotic Slayers

Remarkable Hooligans

Debonair Squad

Faded Unquenchables

Flawless Agency

Went with Apex Syndicate

Hmm Im not from America but I'm pretty sure grand elder cyclops is a klan name lol

I see you are Canadian OP so how about CLANada? LOL!

im Mississippi. Where did you get Canada from?

Radiers of Canada? I assumed that the random generator picked up you were Canadian or something or whatever and so I assumed you were Canadian.