Need help on first build(budget)

hi guys. just joined this forum and its my first post so i hope everyone here is friendly. i hope you can forgive me if i have grammar errors because english is not my first language. so yeah here we go i hope you can help me. im 16 yrs old and looking to build my 1st pc because my laptop is getting old. the pc i am going top build is going to be used for gaming (dota 2,world of tanks,battlefield 3[hopefully bf4 also],farcry3)  and just internet. i have already decided on the case. its the fractal design core 1000. yes its m atx and its what i want. because im also a student i lack the space in my room i just want it to be small. im not  looking to sli or anything. i am not also sure about overclocking. i think amd is better to be used because of the budget aspect of this build but feel free. BUDGET IS AROUND $500 without os. if you need more info pls feel free to ask me.. i hope you can help me.. thanks in advance.  

Something like this? Good 6-core cpu and a 7850. Should be able to handle those games very nicely. Overclocking a little is also an option.


Hope this helps! or at least gives you an idea of what you can get in the 500$ price range. If you want, you could not use the aftermarket cpu cooler and get a slightly better gpu. Hope you have fun in the PC world! :D

you forgot the psu =P haha thanks ill try to follow the build.. i think downgrading to a quad core so money can go over to other parts is better.. im not that really stressful on the cpu side with the games. i think the fx 4130 should do the job. does it work with the m5a78?