Need Help (Noob)

Hey,I'm a thirteen year old kid,who needs to build a PC.(Cause of a sh*ty overpriced laptop) Anyways to the point,My budget is around 350 euro,need it for gaming. Mostly what I'm thinking of doing is getting a good Motherboard,cheap big case,6 core Amd cpu 4GB of ram and a gpu. No graphics card,Windows,Cd rom other crap. I'll most likely get a Gtx 560 ti later on (Will that do for dual monitoring). It would be nice of you if you can help me out with the parts. Last thing is it hard to build ^_^


Thanks :D

Also I have a 500gb 5400 rpm hardrive lying around should I use that or buy a 64gb usb 3.0 and use that for Windows 7.

I don't think AMD do a Hexacore APU. You will need an APU if you're not buying a GPU becuase the FX 6xxx series are just processors. You should be looking at a A10 which is a quadcore.

you need a gpu for the computer to function, enthusiest grade parts don't have gpus, you should get an fm2 chip

So you're saying that if I buy the A10 I won't need a graphics card but then say I buy one will it work or what?

So if I get that and I want to get a graphics card what happens?  -_-

If you buy an A10 you won't need a graphics card and when you do buy a graphics card it will work. If you go AMD again for the GPU you buy later on you will be able to Xfire the intergrated graphics (from your APU) and the AMD you may buy. These APU do tend to get a bit toasty so you should think about picking up an aftermarket cooler too. You can get very cheap cooling that does the job like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

Great,what Amd graphics card would you recommenced. 

if you get a good card you would: uninstall gpu drivers (amd has a utility for that), put in new card, transfer monitor cables from motherboard to card, install new drivers (the gpu on the apu gets disabled)

if you get a cheap card for crossfire (6670 for an a10): you put the card in, open catalyst control and turn crossfire on