Need Help manipulating windows copy (in File Explorer)

Hi guys,

i want to manipulate the copy and move routine used in the microsoft explorer.
The reason i want to do this is, that i want to use my own search indexing and if a file is moved or copied this index has to be updated. The file creation isn't that critical for me.

So what i want to do is to "overwrite" the default routines. I searched the internet but wasn't able to find solution or even a hint.

So does anybody know how the copying and moving on files work? What programs, dll's are called or do i really have to write my own explorer?

greetings from germany


.... I really dont know that you can, or that is is advisable

So i simply want to rename the original programs or DLL's and create my own with the original name at the same place so they will be called. they will call the original ones and keep the index up to date.
So that should not be very risky. My program only has to know which files are moved or copied to what what destination.

My only alternative is to create my own folderstructure with links in it in RAM, move the files in there with the normal file explorer and my program is observing the changes continuously and do the changes on the real devices itself.
I don't want my program to observe the real devices because there are 4 HDD's (some are network storages) with terrabytes of data, so i need a workaround.

I don't think File Explorer would be enough, as there are other means to copy files as well. Then you need to write a Windows service that watches the file system and indexes data continuously by itself and updates the index. Unless you really don't care for other means, and only care what you do with File Explorer, then find an OpenSource alternative and modify it to update the index and integrate the search engine. Although I think this approach would not guarantee the data consistency of your index, it is doable.

I already thought about using another file explorer but i like the windows one...
In the end i just want to search my video archives very quick by name. There are too much Data for the Windows Index and i already wrote such an index a year ago and it was ridiculously fast. So the only changes in this folders will be done by the explorer and in fact by myself.

But due to the fact that i am not changing the content of these folders that often i think i will stick to my old solution and refresh the index after big changes...
Or switch to Linux :P..

Thank you for your help. But if somebody know detailed information about how windows move or copy files i would be happy if there is a simple solution for updating it on the fly.



Another idea would be to write a tiny search application that just checks your index and gets you a "link" to files, you click on it and file explorer pops up with the file in your face. But it would most probably include the background index updater.

As for hacking windows explorer like that you would need a considerable amount of effort to do it reliably. To hack dll's you need to inject your own code into them, that means that knowledge of Assembly is required, and even then checksums and signatures would change, resulting anything from anti-virus going nuts to Windows refusing to execute the code. Also it would likely break between updates and definitely between Windows versions. it isn't a trivial task by any means. I suggest you try to find a non-intruisive solution that works everywhere :)

Jup, that was my idea. My own Search on my own Index and opening the folder in the Explorer, but i don't want to update the index very often, but only when and where needed.

So i think i will write my own Explorer or take a look at OpenSource alternatives...