Need help lowering Pc build

First post here guys! Hey , i'm Australian and i'm looking to spend 850-900$ on my build (still needing to buy monitor and keyboard but not including in this budget!) 

This is the build I've got so far

I'm over my budget and i need help lowering it. I really would love you guys help since i'm a noob to this.

I'm using this build for gaming and to be able to run League of Legends on 60 Fps+ and play WoW with high/max settings. If you guys need any more information please comment i will edit this. 

Btw this is without extra storage just a SSD and i'm unsure whether to use a SSD with my budget or just a 1TB hard drive for $70. 

Thanks guys! 

EDIT: if you guys can tell me if these all parts actually make a tower would be helpful (E.G. all things fit inside the case etc) also i'm buying these parts well some a slightly different and cheaper but from would be very appreciated if you can do this for me!



if only you could get windows 7 free from the worlds largest torrenting website, OH WAITTTTT YOU CAN! I cannot suggest you pirate anything as i am trying to abide by the dreaded rules but it would take off 100 bucks really quick

get a cheaper psu, like a no frills one from seasonic. who REALLY made that psu, ditch the mobo for a cheaper one. you only need overclockability 2 ram slots and 1 pci slot for this build. I would suggest a cheaper case like just get a cheap rosewill one for $20 

That's pretty much all you're going to get with that budget in AU, and buying Windows.  If you want more performance, I will turn you toward cinnamonrolls' advice: torrenting.

I would also suggest a motherboard with cooling on the VRMs.

Would you be able to edit my build for a better motherboard and i will take the free windows into account. Thanks so much. With my build i have posted without the windows would you be able to suggest a few things that could help the performance and/or get better value for parts. Please ! thanks!!

Definetly a cheaper PSU corsair do a pretty good one for $40-50 I'm not sure on the exact model, also I think 2133mhz RAM is a bit fast for what you want, I have 8gb 1600mhz RAM and it runs WOW on ultra at around 60fps (See my profile for full build), go for 1866mhz. I would also second the cheaper case if you're not to bothered about athstetics, $30 will get you a plain case that will do the job just as well as an $80 corsair case (however sexy those cases may be).

So in short

Slower ram, 1866mhz 8gb

Cheaper PSU, try and find the corsair one I mentioned if I find it i'll update this

Cheaper case, Its just a house after all

Really hard with that budget and aussie prices haha

First off, the case is a budget case and the PSU is non modular so your gunna have to cable manage well, also the CPU will only have a stock heatsink, this will be loud but will do the job for a while.

The reason i went for the 8320 is because both the games you mentioned are CPU bound, after a certain point it doesnt matter what GPU you have as the CPU takes the hit. The 8320 is also a great CPU to hold onto for a while and will be a great starting point for any future upgrades.

This was more of a challenge for me to try and do within budget to be fair but it is an option i suppose :P oh and i still failed cos its $3 over :(

I actually really like this build you made for me. Thanks what would you change if you say i could try and get a free windows 7 ? Thanks for making this build and commenting this really helps and i appreciate it. do you know if i had to buy extra cables or anything and can you recommend a monitor for WoW please thanks you!!

Probably do something along those lines, Case,CPU Heatsink and a slightly stronger PSU (the seasonic one here is overkill to be fair, anything bronze rated 500-550W from corsair,xfx or seasonic would be cheaper and do the job). You shouldnt need any cables as things like sata cables etc come with the mobo usually and the PSU's have the basics for what you need.

regards a monitor for wow its pretty much what you budget allows for...generally go for something with 5ms response time or less with a decent resolution 1920x1080 sorta can go fancy and get 120MHz screens but they are expensive. as an example of a monitor, although to be fair i havnt really read up on screens for a while, perhaps others can find better one for you.

Slightly faster gpu system system, also upped to a terrabyte and added fans (you'll need them, so put them in your inital price). It costs $898 when just shopping from just Mwave and PcCaseGear, both merchants I've used here in Australia and highly recommend:

I feel using more than 2 retailers to lower price is almost cheating, as AU prices on PcPartsPicker DON'T include shipping normally, and price of one large order is cheaper than many small ones, not to mention its easier to deal with less merchants anyway.

I have used this power supply and ram in a recent build, and its really good stuff, will run at rated speed\capacity 24/7 and not give you any problems. The power supply is also semi modular, a big asset for making a clean build. I also have the old version of this case and 2.5" version of this hard drive, both have been great and served for a long time already, still going strong. Only thing I can fault about the case is it doesn't have space behind the mobo tray to hind cables, but really with a modular PSU (even with older non-modular like I used for years) this isn't a big issue as far as airflow goes and its not like it has a window so people will see it.

If you have the money the corsair 200r is a much better case, as it should be for $85, and for any system less than $1000AUD is my recommendation if your willing to spend a bit extra. For bigger budgets than that I'd go Fractal design define r4 black pearl. I have one of these cases at home and its completely silent, well built, cools well and looks amazing, but by the time you add fans its closer to $200, so perhaps not for this build.

Another thing you may want to think about is Wifi, I haven't included it and would recommend using a cat 6 cable to your wall socket or internet if you can... its faster than wifi anyway, but if you need wifi I'd recommend the Asus PCIe1x unit for about $29, its cheap, works well and hasn't given me any dramas.

Regarding monitors I personally recommend ASUS, for about $170-180 for a 23-24" 16:9 1080p screen. That may not be the best price but these are real quality units, that have super fast response times, good color and contrast as well as inbuilt speakers good enough to actually use daily if you game\listen to music with a headset. Another plus is the 75hz refresh rate, because of the low response time I find this looks better gaing than many 100-144hz screens, especially because when you pump the graphics on many games you only get a 80-100fps draw rate anyway. All in all have one on the build in the Define R4, i use it daily and game on it and highly recommend it to anyone.

All in all $900 gets you a fast gaming computer, it'll run most games maxed out at 1080p 60fps or very high settings >100fps and be plenty fast enough to handle basic video editing. It should be noted for $1000 you could go for the same built with a FX-8350 and a Corsair 200r case, but the other is plenty to game on and its true there is always a slightly faster option for a few dollars more. Also if you don't want to pirate windows then you can find free copies of vista if you ask round... it may suck but it does actually run all modern games fine... it came reinstalled when i bough my laptop and I used it for 6months before upgrading, so believe me when I say it works but you do have to put up with its nagging features and slow bootups day to day. Hope you enjoy building and using your PC, whatever you may choose to do!

I will be saving this build and definitely looking more into it. If it does what you say it does, I will be buying this build. Thank you so much for taking your time to help me.. This helps tons honestly. Also thanks for adding the WIFI in i think i might just grab that too. 

Also is their any reason you went without a CPU cooler? and I was looking at the corsair 200R for $85 but atm it's out of my price range and i can always buy another case right? 

I have around 200$ to spend on a monitor and keyboard and i might just put them off a little more to get a bit more extra cash to be able to upgrade to a quality monitor like you suggested.

And with the vista suggestion that's great dude. Can help me save up for the meantime. As long as it works fine!

Shopping from two different stores should hopefully have the same delivery time and if it works out cheaper for me, I'm down for that! thanks for that aswel =)

ASRock 980DE3/U3S3 ATX AM3+ Motherboard has an onboard USB 3.0 header, but the Cooler Master Elite 335 Upgraded ATX Mid Tower Case does not have front panel USB 3.0 ports does this matter?

You seem to know a lot more about PC's then i do. And since i'm a noob at this. I really want to take this build on. You made it sound like everything i want and need. Just to make sure this would definitely be able to play games such as WoW on maximum settings and able to watch streams on 1080p etc?

thanks so much again man.

I've adjusted to this. How is this any other suggestions it's $9 over without the WiFi i want to throw in, +$29!



(edit, wall of text warning! sry guys, not really good at making post short...) It certainly looks a good build, a few things I would note however;

You dropped to the GTX660, this is a BIG step down compared to a GTX760 (which is even faster than a GTX660 ti) for gaming, so for the $50 more I'd go with the galaxy GTX760 any day of the week, its not the quietest card on the planet, but its not stupid loud and vents the heat outside you case thanks to the reference blower design. If you care reference designs are also easier to get water-blocks or replacement coolers for, but this isn't necessarily a problem for you if you don't ever want to go custom water-cooled (most of us don't ever justify the cost of it).

The ram you picked will be fine, but personally I've found the Gskill to work better for gaming than most ram due to its lower CAS latency, it also is compatible with nearly all motherboards, lasts and overclocks well. However for $10 its not yielding much of a performance gain, so that choice is defiantly down to you.

On a brighter note good choice of motherboard and PSU, these are simply better units than in my link, but I couldn't fit them into the budget... its also worth noting that the PSU you picked is only 550w, which is enough for the current setup easily but does limit future upgradeable for graphics, for instance the AMD R9 290 and 290X draw too much power to be happy in that system, and GPU power use is trending up still.

As for the choice of case, if your planning to upgrade later I'd go the cheapest you can... no sense in wasting money on products you won't use for long. Besides all you lose you on going for the 335 over a 431 is the usb 3.0 header... not really an issue for most people as you've still got usb 3.0 ports on the back. I guess its important to note that the higher numbers don't mean better cases, normally just bigger ones. All in all its like $17 so its just you styling preference that'll make the choice... either is going to be fine.

Regarding a cooler... I wouldn't go hyper 212 evo, they arn't as quiet as some and are hardly the best cooler on the market. And even though this forum is big into aftermarket coolers, if you run stock clock speeds they do actully cool well enough, admittedly the AMD ones they make a bit more noise than they could, but inside your case this isn't the end of the world. For the ~$40 you'd get the FX-8350 (+$45) and run it stock, it'll be as fast or faster than a mild overclock on the FX-8320 with hyper 212 evo... the added bonus beign you can add a decent cooler later if you opt to go the FX-8350 way. Really though I'd save the money for now.. if you don't get one and later decide you need it you can just get it then... save a little and all in one liquid options like a H60 or water 2 performer come into play... these allow you to move the heat outside your case as exhausts or run as intakes drawing cold air, depending on if your wanting max cpu cooling or better case temperatures. I've installed a H90 in a system before and that thing works great, hardly any noise and really good cooling, so all in one loops get my nod of approval. (note avoid the cooler master 120v.. is not good) Of course the classic options like the big noctua air coolers are options later as well, but for now i'd stay stock as a rock and enjoy the better system you'll get with the extra 40 bucks.

Final note is fans.... your going to need them, the 1-2 included in most cases is not enough to cool well and will result in hotter case temperatures (just generally bad, the cpu&gpu might not mind but the power phases, network adapters and HDD's will) and greater noise (due to higher fan rpm) than a system with more fans installed. Having said that you don't need to spend big bucks here, geldid solutions, bitfenix and cooler master all make decently silent fans, and they start at $6 each. Remember your better with every slot with a silent low CFM (cubi feet a minute) fans than a couple of high performers. The only other thing to keep in mind is if you want 3pin or 4pin (PWM) fans. The latter can be speed controlled by the motherboard, the former is slightly cheaper and can be speed limited by a external controller or any other form of resistance placed inline with them. For the money I'd stick to 3pin, but a couple of 4pin adjusting to your system loads isn't a bad idea. If you have the budget by either Corsair performance non-led for max airflow at usable noise or Noctua for decent performance at basically no noise, but normally the $30 a fan is to much to stomach so the previous list is more recommended. Really all I'm saying is with the 2-4 extra fans at $6+ each.

I'm going to be clear here, I'm the sort of person who finds faults, not benefits, so I'm not trying to dis you or your build here, its just a list of things I'd do if I was in your place. None of what I say can be regarded as pure fact either, its based on my past experience, which is only about 5ish gaming builds and a couple of home level PC's, I may be the nerd of my group of friends but its not like I run a tech shop. Also I guess it should come as no surprise I'd recommend my build, but I do feel for the money its a better bet, it includes the fans in the price and packs a better graphics card, however either will suit your needs just fine and its not like a gold rated PSU (the high current gamer is still well thought of, but bronze rated) or better motherboard isn't a good investment, so take your own pick really.

Well, you've got me good. I'm going to buy the build you recommended. 

It says this at the end of the build you helped me with. "Case fan compatibility checking is currently not supported." i'm not exactly sure if that effects anything but other then that. I will be buying this build you linked me. I really hope it gives me the performance for my two main games and streams i like to often watch. Thanks very much

I wouldn't worry to much about its performance, in fact I'm confident enough that if it doesn't play those games at high to max 60fps then I'll buy it off you for your total cost of system if your willing to pay the postage (I'm in Pomona QLD 4568).

No kidding, for that money its a system I wouldn't mind having around, could either use it, strip it for parts (its all quality stuff) or sell it to someone locally. Of course you could probably sell it for at least $800 on or gumtree anyway, so my offer isn't actully going to help you that much. I reckon (based on what I've seen locally) at that price it'd be the best gaming PC advertised... and near new to boot!

Anyway good luck with your build, I think you'll be very happy with the system... if not I will be =p

Thank you for everything man, Can i message you if i have any more questions or anything?

Sure, no problem.

If you want you can use my gmail ([email protected]) as I check it regularly, but anything else you use that works is fine too. If you want something faster than that email me and I'll sort out a better way to get in touch.

Terrible motherboard.  I would be surprised if the motherboard didn't fry itself after a couple hours of usage.  It's got a 4+2 power phase design, but absolutely no cooling.  You're going to need some type of cooling, especially with a 125W TDP chip.

More expensive, due to much, much better motherboard that is designed to handle the 8 core AMD CPUs.

HD 7950 is on par with GTX 760s.

Higher clocked ram, but cheaper.

520W is plenty for this build.  You can even overclock if you want(get a third party CPU cooler for CPU overclocking)