Need help inside my mask

I wasn’t sure what kind of topic this is supposed to be, but I am currently working on a cosplay.

People have a hard time hearing me through my mask because of muffle. What I am wanting to do is add a mic inside my mask connecting to a speaker outside of the mask. Are there any ideas you guys can help me with? Something easier other than electrets?

Speaking of electrets, I do have an electret microphone sitting here not knowing what to do with it.

First off: Maybe move your topic to “Arts & Media - Visual Arts & Design”

As for your goal:
Your best bet is to get out your soldering iron out and start building.

If I purchase a circuit similar to that, won’t I need speakers?

Yes, of course you would right. Nice and small though, how much room in your mask to hide it all? Adam Savage did something similar for one of his costumes, he had a bunch of room inside it though and had all sorts of stuff around his head lol.

This much room.

Can we have pictures of the front, back and side of the mask. Right now we can not actually see how much space there is because it is a single picture.

Would you like to make a few holes on the filters like in a real mask ?

If you make a couple of wholes which do not interfere with the graphics on the filters and glue some cloth on the inside so the wholes are not so visible i think you will be able to speak clearly through the mask.

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That’s a good idea, as it’s not much room compared to an entire head mask potentially.

well the alternative is to replace one of your filters with a speaker and put a mic inside.

The yellow could be cut out and yellow speaker cloth or mesh be used? Can try and see if it makes it clearer as is, or put a speaker behind.

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