Need Help in deciding buy new graphic card

Good day to you guys out there.

I need help in deciding to buy new graphic cards have been eyeing on MSI, Asus, or Evga on 2 GTX 670 or 2 GTX 680 for SLI or 1 GTX 690 for the past few weeks. ok my current PC build which I have is core i7 980x on a x58 mobo, 12 gig of ram, MSI GTX 460 Hawk edition in SLI running on a 22ich monitor, I am planning to upgrade my graphic, and montior also to a 120Hz 27" monitor.

The main question is, will it bottleneck?

Or I should just keep using my 60hz 22ich montior, and buy 2 GTX 670 for SLI, don't think can fix in 1 of my old MSI GTX 460 for pure physic.

or go with 2 GTX 680 SLI no GTX 460 for physic.

or 1 GTX 690 with 1 GTX 460 Hawk for physic with a new 27" 120Hz montior? 

PS: I don't want to change my core i7 980x yet. 

When you say "1 GTX 690 with 1 GTX 460 Hawk for physic with a new 27" 120Hz montior?" do you mean you want to SLI those two cards because if you do im sorry to tell you but it wont be happening. I'm going to assume that you have an absolute ass load of money to throw at this simply because of the suggestions you put up there so the recomendation will be kinda expencive. I say you grab 2 EVGA GTX 680's FTW edition with a 120hz monitor, If that is too much either don't get the monitor or get 2 EVGA GTX 670's FTW edition and then your 120hz monitor.

Forgot to mention that GTX 460 hawk is my old graphic card, thanks btw.