Need help helping a friend... (A8 5600k, APU pairing)

I am giving a motherboard and A8 5600k to a friend to help him out. (Old gear I had lying around..)
My question is though is there anybody who has successfully paired this with a GPU to run modern games?
Emphasis on successfully because in my testing it didn't perform well at all with a GPU... Unfortunately it is
all I can do for him, but knowing him he will probably wan't to play PayToWinField 4 etc... I know that the thing
run source games like CS:GO on it's own which is fine but he has a tight budget if you get what I mean...

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance...
P.S : Unreal 4 HYPE!!!

AMD's official APU pairing for dual graphics

Okay the 5xxx isn't on there. Use a 6670HD or 7750 or 7790 for dual graphics pairing. That apu supports 1866mhz ram so that is also essential to increase FPS.

That should be fine for the Freemium games.

Thanks man. Was only basing it off my experience with a 270x and it... I couldn't get it to run as well as it possibly should have. Maybe just me...

Also is it just the CPU demanding games this chip may struggle on or is it fine? (I could never get it to run them but I only had 1 dim of 8gb at 1600 or close that...)

Also if he only has 2 gigs of ram now would he see a bigger benefit from 8 gigs of even faster ram or a GPU? Most likely for GPU intensive games like counter strike...

2 a no go for Counterstrike. 4 would be my recommended bare minimum. 8 would be optimal to run any modern game and leave the ability to run a few other programs on the desktop.

The benefit comes from the frequency though my man. APU's also love dual channel ram. So 2x4gb sticks of 1866. The reason is that is uses the ram to buffer the video with its IGPU just like a discrete GPU. Higher is better.

Great ram here 1866 2x4gb for 60 bucks

The chip is a quad core so it should be able to handle the game. If it's stuttering and all you probably just need to turn down the graphics a notch down to High at 1080p with that 270x. Or at least jjust the textures down. You can play Inquisition on ultra with an 860k which is basically the same chip.
As for the APU dual graphics that APU is getting old so it even with that one should run okay no problem.I would use mantle though for sure.