Need help getting a new monitor

I use lightroom, Photoshop and premier a lot.
I'm going to school for graphic design and I need a new monitor.
right now i have a Hp x2301, I'm looking to get something that has a good color accuracy.
I was thinking on saving up for something that is 4k so that I can keep it for a long time but I like the new wide screen 21:9 monitors. I'm trying to do this in a budget so price matters.

I have an HP LA2306x 1080p monitor and the colors are rather bright and accurate.No HDMI but DVI, VGA, and Display port

And your budget is?

the most I would go for is around 1000 but the cheaper the better.


It's probably not like 100% SRGB accurate or whatever, but it's a fair sized IPS 4k panel, bit small for 4k but just scoot a little closer to yourself

Scratch that, apparently it has it. So go for that I guess, unless you have an AMD GPU and are going to game on the monitor as well, in which case the other one may be more useful.

Brilliant colors
These monitors deliver 100% sRGB coverage, for perfectly
recreated colors. Some models feature 6-axis color adjustment, which
lets you fine-tune the colors for amazing color accuracy.

Otherwise you'll probably want the Wasabi Mango that wendell reviewed