Need help for upgrade

I just upgraded to a 9370 with a noctua heatsink and 16gb of ram. Currently i have a 99x evo R2.0 which is a decent mobo and i have the antec burton extreme division case and a lepa 850w bronze psu and xfx 7870 ghz. Basically the case was crap the usb was messed up and the front microphone and audio jack broke off of the case. Anyways im just wondering of any options for upgrading the mobo and possibly cpu if my mobo will work fine i will just add another 7870 and leave the mobo alone. 

I love this case : 

Its the NZXT phantom 530 and it matches my room. I would possibly go with white but im digging the red. Also I was going to get 5 2500 rpm fans from nzxt if i got this case. Any other case options that would keep the computer extremely cool?

Secondly if the motherboard should need upgrading with the new 9370 this is the one i am looking at:

Seems as if it was the best on the market for amd and it also goes along with the red theme. Do i really need a new mobo or will i be ok?

I know I will be good psu wise with this setup and my wattage calculator says if i had even another 7870 on here that i would still only push 650 watts. Is that still safe for my psu if I were to do so?

I would really appreciate any opinions towards my predicament because I am positive that many people bought the 9370 due to its price being the same as the 8350 for a whole week which is $120 off of its normal price. Again any suggestions on case options and what i should do about motherboard options would be greatly appreciated.