Need help for buddy...$750 build

I am trying to make a build for a buddy of mine with a budget of $750. 

He needs windows 7 and a monitor.

I am unsure whether to go amd or intel, no fanboy war please, just which ever is better for the money for this budget.

Thanks in advance. 


We are unbias here and don't worry, we go for what fits the budget and circumstances best :)

Here's a decent rig

If the budget is solid at 750, I was able to build one for just slightly under, will perform roughly the same as the one Borscht posted. I do mean roughly, Borscht's Graphics card is better, but I was able to double your ram and keep you under budget, you can always upgrade the graphics card later if you want, but I feel most windows 7 computers should probably have at least 8GB of RAM.

By roughly, Nox means not even close. The 7870 XT will eat the 7770 alive, and the GPU has the most significant impact in gaming than any other component. Doubled the RAM is nice, but it's not worth sacrificing that much GPU horsepower, plus gaming is very much doable on 4GB, especially if you close background programs you aren't using.  If the budget is pretty firm, I'd take Borsht's build and substitute a 650-Ti Boost for the 7870 XT. It will be a pretty fairly large hit in performance, but I'm not sure what else to cut that makes sense, plus it will still be a good deal faster than a 7770 as Nox suggested. The 650-Ti Boost is about on par with a 7850, but for $10-25 less. The the performance gap between the 7770 and 7850 is so large that AMD had to release one of their newer chips (Bonaire XT - presumably should have been 8770) as the 7790 to fill the gap.

At 750, I dont know what you are really pushing for, 7770 will play most modern games on Medium-Medium high settings without an issue. however, I will concede that I was off on the disparity between the two cards(27 hour gaming marathon sue me =P).

sorry a litte over budget but this will absolutely destroy the other builds.

its worth the extra $30