Need help fixing problem with monitor

The monitor is past warranty (was refurb model and this happened after 5 months of use) so I would like to see if I can fix it myself. The exact model is this one (Acer XG270HU). The issue is as shown in the picture; A lot of vertical lines and noise appear shortly after connecting it to any pc (it does sometimes work for up to 5-15 minutes before the issue occurs). It happens on any device I connect it to and I have used multiple different inputs/cables (so I don’t think it’s my graphics card or any specific input/cable).

So what I need help with is narrowing down what is possibly causing the issue, and possible solutions for whatever the issue may be. I feel decently confident in being able to fix the problem if I know where/what to look for.

Could be a bad solder joint that disconnects after heating up. Troubleshooting that will be hard as the monitor needs be up to temperature.

could also be a bad driver chip

honestly no real way to tell without getting in there with a multimeter and looking up some schematics

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Open it up and look for blown capacitors, they will be easy to find.

Here is where I’m currently at. Looking at it, I don’t see any bad capacitors, and although not perfect, it doesn’t look like the solder is a problem, but I’m not positive.

Here’s a link to an imgur album with multiple pictures of the inside.

next step would be to bust out a multimeter and check voltages on the driver circuit

it’s probably a dying chip if the reflow joints don’t look suss

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So, exactly where/what am I looking for and attaching leads to? I don’t know what or where the driver circuit is. I’m not super knowledgeable about such things.

first step would be to pop the heatsink off that big IC/fpga and see if you can find a pinout or a datasheet for it, then see if any lines are shorting to it from the power supply, or if any of the color channels have failed open/closed

Looks a lot better compared to monitor boards from Philips.

Probably the LED driver for the backlight

Things to check:

  1. Looks like a Fuse, probe the resistance, should be lower than 1Ohm
  2. Could be one of those pins beeing loose
  3. One of the contact springs could be bent. Get a magnifying glass and check them.