Need help fixing a LUKS encrypted disk

So I have this annoying problem with some disks I recently put in to a ZFS mirror. The disks are encrypted with LUKS and the problem is that when the encrypted disks are opened I don't see the partition with the ZFS filesystem, all I get is the GPT partition. If I go in with parted and add or remove a random (not the ZFS) partition then I can see the partition with ZFS. By that I mean, if I originally open the disk to /dev/mapper/downloads1, if I mess with the partitions I will get, in addition to /dev/mapper/downloads1, /dev/mapper/downloads1p1 etc. When I have the p1 volume then I can access the ZFS file system.

So the questions is how do I fix this so when I open the disk I just get the ZFS partition and I don't have to mess around in parted every time? I assume I could fi it by using dd to clone it in a way that it works properly, but I'm hoping there's something I can do that won't take that long or require a spare disks to clone it to.