Need help finding PSU for recently acquired server

As the title says I just acquired a server (IBM X series 226; yes it's old, but it was free) it's missing the power supply and a couple fans (but as I said it was free.) I need help tracking down a replacement power supply, either the same model it's supposed to have or an adequate replacement. I've spent a few hours searching around and I can only really find the hot swappable power supply that was an optional thing with the server, unfortunately mine does not have the required parts for that.

Any help you guys can give me would be hugely appreciated.

what form factor is the psu?

From what info I can find it looks like a fairly standard ATX board but that doesn't really make sense


From my research it looked like a standard atx psu. Just check the connections you need on the motherboard to see what they are. I think a 500w atx psu will do. Google the motherboard. The model should be on the board itself somewhere

unless you want that optional hot swap  psu. 

Ok thanks.