Need help find a good psu for an older pc

Ok on my niece's pc(an HP a1450n,HD upgraded to a 750gb, and a GT 430 1gb video card added) the stock PSU(250w bestec lol)blew,and it blew so bad it was causing a breaker to flip,and we could not flip it back with the pc plugged in lol,yet it did not take any parts with it,which amazed me.

And well we need to get a new psu but i want to get a good one,i was looking at the cosair 430w,but it looks like it is a 24pin and an 8pin cpu,i need a 24pin with a 4pin cpu.

Can you guys suggest any good but cheap psu's for what i need?

Just about every newer PSU these days have an 8pin power plug thats actually a 4+4 pin which can be used for either 4 or 8pin plugs. The corsair 430w would be a good choice tbh

This maybe overkill for an average user, but go on ebay and look for an acbel 550. They're $15! (cheaper in bulk) and all you need is a $5 adapter to convert the 8-Pin CPU Connector to a 4-Pin Connector.


They maybe used and it maybe ebay, but years ago, Sun Microsystems used them in their Java Workstation. That's enterprise grade stuff, but it's cheap as hell. Acbell only makes high end PSUs in the enterprise world. (That's why you never heard of them) They also make Mac PSUs. As much as I hate Macs, their pro stuff, Apple's like a Redhat, they're a solutions provider.

I'd recommend XFX PSU's. They are made by Seasonic, so you can't go wrong there. Got myself 2 XFX PSU's atm and got no complaints :)

You can't go far wrong with one of the Corsair builder series. The CX 430 will do the job, it's situations like yours that it's' designed for.