Need help dual booting Gnome and windows 7

Hello I would like to dual boot Gnome with a system that has Windows 7 Pro 64bit on it. I have 3 HDDs; a 240GB SSD as my C: drive, a 250GB SSD as a Windows game drive, and a 1TB HDD as a Windows bulk drive. I made a Gnome 3.14 USB flash drive I made in UnetBootin. Does Gnome have an "install alongside Windows" option in the Grub installer, like in ZorinOS? FYI I have no idea how to install Linux, it is my time installing Linux.

What do you mean you made a gnome usb? Gnome is not a Linux distribution. Its the graphical environment. You can have Gnome with any distribution. Your probably need a user-friendly distro like Mint or Ubuntu. Then you can install gnome to them if you want. Any distro you can install it alongside Windows. Distros like Mint, Ubutnu and others have this option automated indeed.

My bad, that's what I get for being a Linux Newb lol. I just googled Gnome, but i might try using Ubuntu Gnome. This is the website i found:

Either of the three distros on that website are an option and the Gnome Environment will be the same on all of them. What changes is the defaults applications how each handles software packages.

Take your pick, but I will note that if you select the Dark Theme through the Tweak Tool on Ubuntu Gnome you will have to modify the css file for the software centre text to appear/be visible (just google it)

Ehh I got sparky on my last post.. Anyways try opensuse.. Its a lot easier for beginners and I find it to be more stable than Ubuntu.. Plus documentation is way more organized a straight forward... However you really should partition manually to avoid stupid error or mistakes

OpenSUSE is a little more advanced if you ask me. Out of the box I had to fix some stuff. I would say Mint is a better option for a beginner. More user friendly than Ubuntu, quite stable, great community.