Need help deciding


I need help deciding what GPU to buy. The EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti or the EVGA GeForce GTX 670. I know that the 670 is better, but is there a big difference in performance between the 660 Ti and the 670? Is the extra $$$ for the 670 worth it? 

Why not a 7950 or 7970 ? i know this might make things harder but is there any reasons those arent options ?

I may  think about a 7950. The 7970 is too expencive.

From the reviews that iv'e seen the 660 Ti beats the 7950 in almost everything. I'm kinda likeing the 660 Ti more and more...

Do you mind posting those reviews?  [url=]HardwareHeaven[/url] did a 660ti vs 7870XT benchmark in January and they are fairly close.  Im not sure if you are looking at non OC benchmarks because the 7950 has quite a bit of untapped power.

the 660Ti does not beat the 7950, the 7950 can compete with GTX 670's when OC'd a bit

Also im weary of hardwareHeaven considering they had a review where a GTX 670 beat a 7970, where pretty much every other review has the 7970 competing or beating GTX 680's 

also make sure the reviews you see of 7950's have the latest drivers, as they bumped up the performance quite a bit.

7970's are the same price as GTX 670's give or take a few dollars

I agree with you that I am not a huge fan of the HardwareHeaven reviews.  I very much agree that the drivers make a difference and I have noticed not many review report the drivers.  I am going to do my own testing and see what effect drivers have.  Either way for the price I am super happy with the 7870 XT performance and I am not running the newest drivers yet.  I can only imagine it will get better.