Need help chosing parts!

Hello guys:)

So this is going to be my first post here. I also don't know that much about pc's.

My budget is like 680$(around 500€)


Where will i be using it for:O :

On this pc, i will be doing lots of things. I want it to run software like After effects, photoshop, sony vegas, etc. So no huge softwares really, i just do it for fun. I will also be gaming on this pc. With that budget, I'm not sure if it will run the "heaviest" games, but it is not necessary anyway, I don't want to play most of those games. However, it would be nice if it could :)
So basicly, everything ;_;

I also asked some people and most of them recommend this combo:
AMD Athlon X4 750K  with MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB 

I don't need an os, and also no monitor or any peripherals, as i already have all of that, it's just the pc itself here.

I actually like the corsair 200r window, so I want it to look "clean"

Btw, I live in the neterlands, so or are probably the best sites I could use.


Hope i can get some nice recommendations here, 
Thank you:)


Dont know if all the parts are available where you live,if there not just swap them for similarly priced part.

Hm, that gpu isnt available here. Also, i think it's better to use

Thanks for your suggestion

You just posted a link to pcpartpicker,copy the permalink at the top

I know, I wanted to link you to German pcpartpicker..

Here you are my friend! Something to fit your needs!

I didn't know if you needed an optical drive, so I just left that out. I also opted for the Athelon X4 760K because it is the same price as the 750K and is more powerful. I couldn't find the EVGA version of the 750 Ti (it is much more powerful) so I put in the Asus 750 Ti instead. And, best of all, it is all under your price point!

Thats great! I really like the case too. But um, as i already said, I don't really know much bout pc's yet, so i'm wondering, why is that a micro atx motherboard? Those go into the smaller cases right?

I indeed dont need an optical drive^^

It was the cheapest of the compatible motherboards and many of the compatible motherboards are Micro ATX. The Micro just means they are smaller and can't have as much RAM or as many PCI-E slots (where you put the graphics cards and such). The case I chose does support the use of a Micro ATX board or, mATX for short. You often can put mATX boards in Mid tower cases but you don't have to use mATX boards in only Micro ATX cases. You could change out that board for an ATX board if you wanted to but it will cost you more money.


Hmm, and as i dont want to upgrate this perticular build with more ram or something, i might aswell just get the mATX as its just cheaper, alright.

Then about the gpu, The names confuse me, in my first post, i mentioned MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB, then you mentioned asus 750k and EVGA 750k. So is MSI/ASUS/EVGA the brand? Then what's GTX, and nvidia/geforce?

EVGA and Asus are just other manufacturers who just modify the the original 750 Ti to have parts on them that are exclusive to that particular company. Geforce GTX ### is just a series name. You here things like " I want to have the 760". The entire name of the 760 is the "Nvidia Geforce GTX 760". Nvidia is the parent company that creates the original cards and sells them to companies (like MSi) for them to modify and sell to people like ourselves.

So, the general thing to take away from this is that MSI, EVGA, and Asus are just companies that buy the original GPU to modify them as they wish and sell them to us. Geforce GTX ### is just the series name of that particular GPU, which is made by the company Nvidia.

Oh, the Athelon X4 750/760K are just CPUs made by the company AMD. You'll hear these names said a lot when you become more informed about computers. Also, another CPU producing company is Intel, just so you know for future reference.

I know this is a lot of information to take in but I hope this helps you out!

Nicely explained.

The New Guy's build should suit you nicely.  It won't be a super powerhouse, but will get you through most things.

Thanks for the explanation, I know about amd n intell tho, its just the gpu names that confuse me :P

Anyway, I have been asking LOTS of people for suggestions and opinions, and i kinda know i will be getting these for sure:

  • CPU-  AMD Athlon™ II X4 760K uPGA, "Richland", Black Edition
  • GPU- MSI N750Ti TF 2GD5/OC
  • RAM- ADATA 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit AX3U1600W4G9-DMV
  • Storage- WD Blue 1tb
  • PSU- Corsair CX500M

^Total of 390€, so i have 110€ (= 151$)  for a motherboard and a case..

I didn't use pcpartpicker because i wanted to buy everything from They have a feature where you chose your parts, just like pcpartpicker, but there is no compatibility check though,

So i will be buying the case and mboard from there too.
Case list: 
Motherboard list:

If you have some suggestion, I'd love to hear. They have LOTS of cases, but unfortunatly the bitfenix shinobi isn't available.

Thank you all btw for your help:P


I tried to pick out the things I knew with the help of google translate lol.

Case:  FD Core 1000

MoBo: Asus A55BM-K

Tech Noob picked some good choices for you based off of reviews I've read. I think you'll like this things. The Fractal case gives you that nice clean look you wanted too!

Here's another, it's pretty much the same as the others that have been recommended here. (Not sure how I feel about the XFX PSU though as I've never had experience with one.) Anybody have any thoughts on them?



They use 100% japanese capacitors and are of a seasonic design.  I believe the XFX Core Editions are off the Seasonic M12II.  I have that one in my system and it's great.