Need help choosing a new Phone

So my current 2 year contract is ending in about a week and I am going to get a new phone. I currently have some chepo free phone they gave me that cant even handle basic task like browsing the web. I Have Verizon (not my choice on my parents plan) I want an android based phone. Im okay with spending a little money but no more than $200 USD. Suggest phones and I will research and make the finial decision I just dont have time to research all my options.

i heard the htc one max is cool.

I said android based I hate the iphone. 

Check out the Moto X.

Moto G no contract. Has 16gb of memory, quad core, 720p screen, 1gb of ram. Its hard not to recommend a phone that good. Most phones for that price are 1ghz dual core processors with 512mb of ram. If you don't mind being on a contract, nexus 5 ftw. I'm using it now, and I can't get enough of it. It's so easily worth the price I paid for it. 

galaxy S4 or S3 if they have it.  

Galaxy S3 for me is really a good choice for a new phone but it is quite expensive.In Finland many people have Samsung mobile and i think it is because of some Samsung services or samsung huolto there that really active for their customer.

Right now I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I really like it. I used to have the Droid Razr and it was a horrible phone in terms of durability; it broke several times while it was in my pocket.

If I was in the market for a new phone, I would get the Nexus5, (32GB version preferred). I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I think I have had it for over 2 years, and it is still running smoothly.

I do prefer the "Vanilla" android experience, which is fast and no extra eye-candy.


Doesn't Android start to lag about a year down the line? I had a Android 2.x phone some years back. Got fed up of the thing after it started to lag like hell.Haven't used a Android phone since then. I find that Android is great on a tablet.I feel it is too powerful for a phone.

Been using a Windows phone for a year now. Not bad,really. But what i'm really looking forward to is the Sailfish OS coming out(or the Jolla phone).

Mine was delivered with the ICS 4.0.4 (as far as I remember). Currently I am running on stock 4.2.1 Jellybean. And I have been installing and un-installing numerous apps over time. I have not noticed that the phone is slower than when I first got it.

Hmm.Maybe Google has figured how to code better,though i assume it would be far from being optimized? I do like the vanilla android,though.The extra bloatware does not help.

In my case,it got terrible,so i just rooted it and put in CyanogenMod ROM. Made my phone better,but only for a while.Hardware became dated even for CM

I think they called it Project Butter, which resulted in Jelly Bean. As far as I remember the purpose of Project Butter was to make Android run smoother (optimizing the code). And I think they succeeded, each update has improved the phone, in my opinion (which is a biased opinion, because I am very fond of my Galaxy Nexus :) ).

Yes, i have one too, and is pretty awesome

I ended up buying the moto x. I went to the Verizon store and saw how large most of the phones were and I really didnt want to have a large phone in my pocket along with keys and a wallet. The moto x is fairly small and seems to offer good bang for your buck. I was also fairly impressed with the low amount of bloatware compared to my old phone. I may root it in the future but not sure yet. Anyway thanks for all the suggestions. 

Very good choice. I'm looking heavily at that for my next phone as well. 

So far its been a great phone. I really like the screen it has some nice high contrast colors. I haven't encountered anything I don't like about it yet. 

I red many reviews on the nexus 5 that it's good for gaming and fast, also it has wireless charging.