Need help choosing a graphics card?

Hi guys I need help with picking a gpu for my system I'm  debating wether to get a r9 270x (£120) or r9 280(£130) my budget is about £130.i would like to game in 1080p (60Hz) and mostly AAA titles any suggestions will be considered.Thanks



AMD fx4200 4.2GHz

12GB ram

120gb SSD and 1TB HD

500W with 38amps on 12v rail 

Go for the 280, its like 20-30% faster and has 1 gb more vram. Make sure it fits in your case.


500w is cutting it close for a 280 tho.

Kinda, but 450w 12v should still be save enough if its not a crappy explosive psu (what is it, a cx500 or something?)

Cant really remember what it was but it wasn't a cheapy so what FPS do you guys think I'll be getting with the 270x compare to the 280 in games like bf4 and F1 2014? And do u guys think my cpu will be holding(bottlenecking) my graphics card back 


That depends on how high they are clocked. Clock for clock the 280/7950 is like 20-30% faster, A high clocked 270x is like 10 % slower than a regular 280 boost. The extra gb vram does alot for the longlevity of the card though since newer games started scratching the 2gb mark pretty hard even in 1080p. Your CPU is good enough for gaming but will hold your framerate back in some cpu intensive games.