Need Help Building a New PC

I've been wanting to build myself a gaming PC for some time, and I came across this video:

I basically want to build something akin to this console killer, but I still want to hear opinions and other recommendations, as well as any other advice you can think of.

Thanks in advance.

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I need help.

How large budget do you have? Do you need an OS? How about monitor? Do you want a normal sized system or something compact? Basically: you need to give more information.

Also, you could start by assembling something in

Budget: Between $400-$600

I would need a display, nothing too big but good resolution.

And as far as OS, I wanted to see if I'd be able to get Windows 10 by buying Windows 7 and upgrading but that sounds too good to be true

And I'd want it to be normal sized

Here's the PartPicker list:

You can.

Aimed to get at least a 380 (+$60) in there with a 21.5" 1080p panel (+$7), without changing your case.

CPU cooler's been cut down, because it shouldn't be a priority over core components (in particular, the GPU - where the money saved was put). The 212 EVO's still a damn fine cooler. Saves $7.
Case has been changed to fit the aforementioned cooler, and save $5.
Went for a single 8GB stick of RAM because in gaming there's practically no difference between dual and single channel configurations, plus that motherboard only has two DIMM slots... and you want to be able to upgrade if need be. Saves $11ish.
Disk drive's been cut out because you can just make an image of the windows install disk on a USB stick and then use that, and it shaves off like $20 which is a pretty big difference given the budget. If you really need one later down the line, it's just that - $20.

Obviously because more's been spent than saved in those changes, the overall cost has increased. It's a slither over budget, less than $1.

EDIT: I gave the wrong partpicker link, whoops. Fixed it.

Awesome thanks, but I think I'm gonna cut my budget down a little bit, $500 being my absolute max.

I'm building this primarily for gaming, so compare it to the price of a new console. I know I'm getting more for the money, but I also don't want to spent a small fortune on it since it'd only be casual.

I'm gonna find a better Part Picker list shortly

Thanks for all the help so far

Here are the Part Picker lists -

They increase in price as well as processor cores. Could someone also explain to me the benefits of using a quad core vs. a dual core? If there are any?

Wut the wut? $550 build with a $160 motherboard. That's a bit outta balance, buddy.

Can do more at once. Think of each core as a cashier at a supermarket. More of them you have, the more people you can serve at once. Then you could imagine clock speeds as being how fast they can get through customers. A thread would be each queue. Most games nowadays'll be able to utilize four threads. A few will lock you out for having less, now. IMO it's safer to go with a quad.

Also, you're not including a monitor in those builds? Or OS? Cut those out of the one I suggested earlier and it's $412ish.

Left some room in the budget for headphones+microphone.

An APU won't be blowing anything out of the water, but it'll game pretty well until you save up for a mid range GPU.

Also just use linux wink**wink

EDIT: swapped the PSU, and changed a bit more, and put in the right link

Honestly I found those builds off the website, I just wanted to see what you guys would say about them. I'm still very new to all of this in case the processor question didn't give it away :v

I think I'm going to stick with this build for right now:

And I'm going to see if I can get any deals on a display or OS on Black Friday, just to save a little more money.

Also just curious, how would this build handle playing Ark: Survival Evolved?

Thanks again for all the help

I wouldn't go for that build, you can grab a much better GPU if you cut down on other optional parts that won't have as much, if not any impact on performance. The CPU cooler's one (get a 212 EVO, almost as good but $10 less and you can get a case big enough for it for the same price) and the optical drive can go too (assuming you have another system available that you could just burn an image of the windows install disk onto a USB with).

Btw in that build it didn't account for the price of the CPU. It's actually $628ish:

Do you actually need a monitor, btw? Not a TV or the like you'd be willing to hook it up to? That monitor you've chosen there isn't even 1080p.

If you can find another source for an OS:
Else if you can use something else for a monitor:
Else get this (includes a monitor and OS):

lol just realised with the first two builds, if you're really in love with that cooler you could go for it. added it to them.

You'd have to find some benchmarks, but my guess is not too well, having a 750Ti and all...

lol, that partpicker link... erhm...

I do have a tv I can hook it up to actually, and it's a pretty good one, so maybe a display isn't necessary.

That being said I might go with this build that you posted:

I think I might still get windows just for the upgrade, but in any case Linux is still an option

Had a bit of a brainfart about storage there, there's this option with a 1tb WD blue if you still want to grab windows 7 then:

If you're going to go with linux and your TV here's an option with a 1TB WD blue and a 120GB SSD for a boot drive:

Oh that's another thing I wanted to ask, what are the benefits of having your OS on an SSD? As opposed to just putting it on the same drive as everything else?

Stuff you stick on an SSD'll "load" faster - so your OS'll boot faster if you put it on one, and any programs you stick on it will boot faster, and any files you stick on it will load faster etc...

Okay cool good to know. Thanks again for all your help man I really appreciate it

No problem. :)

Was just sorting out a build for someone else around the same price range, realised I wasn't using the case I thought I was (happens to be cheaper) - it shaves off $13, here.