Need help building a gaming/editing PC

I have a budget of 1000 dollars and i want to build a KICK-ASS computer for gaming and editing but mostly for gaming and if anyone can help me that would be amazing!!!!!

it's 2AM and i just put something together real quick, but this is a pretty good build, i think.

it doesn't include an OS, and i assume you have a monitor/mouse/keyboard. you could easily go with a cheaper case (really up to you about the case), and you could save money on getting a cheaper PSU, motherboard, and not sure if you wanted to overclock, if not, you could save by going with the i5 4670 over the 4670k. 

i put an SSD as your boot drive and a 1TB WD Black for your music/pictures/movies/games. but you could save $80 if you didn't get the SSD.

comes in at $1,015.90

Go for 2 sticks of 4gb! Dual channel!

oh wow, yeah lol. was meant to be 2x4GB i wasn't paying attention lol it was 2 AM <.<

8350 is way better for editing then the i5 and is similar in gaming performance and if you are comfortable with overclocking the 8320 can be overclocked to 8350 speeds. This is what i put together i added a wifi card as this motherboard does not have wifi and i upgraded the video card it will make you're gaming experience more enjoyable i downgraded the hard drive because with a ssd in you're system why bother with caviar black drives in my opinion if you were doing professional video editing i would recommend black but only then just my opinion. though many will disagree. and i changed the power supply because i don't trust evga for power supplies and the ram to 2x4 gb and the case to a corsair 200r because i hear good things and a CPU cooler to cool the 8320 if you choose to overclock it or you could switch to the 8350 and remove the aftermarket heatsink if you are uncomfortable with it. if you don't believe me on the 8350 you can take a look at the tek syndicate video on it  the 8320 is just a slower 8350 so the video applies to it.

very nice build. yeah, the 8320/8350 are great choices (i just had my cousin get a 6300.... he literally insisted on the downgrade from the 8320 i picked for him lol), but i always feel weird suggesting AMD motherboards because i never know which are ready for 8320/8350 out of the box, without a bios upgrade, as some people don't want to deal with that (had to help a friend upgrade his bios over the phone lol) @[email protected]

but yeah, great build =)

Just get 990fx chipset boards if you want to go 8320/8350. The only board that I'd really recommend with a lesser chipset has to be the Asus 970 evo (which comes updated). Otherwise 990fx (990x is also ok) is always the way to go. There the only boards really tailored for 8 core AMD.  

thanks for the info. ive been told 970 is fine. but i guess when in doubt, just go with the 990fx.

Some of the 970s, if not all of them, have really bad power design. Usually only a few phases and most of the time there is no heatsink. They get rather hot. On the 6 cores this is totally okay, for the most part, but the increased draw really taxes them when you pop in an 8 core. You might be okay for a while but you really run the risk of blowing them out. 

Just go 990FX. The boards aren't that much more money and you get more features and a better design. The Asus M5A99FX boards are excellent and there is the Sabertooth 990FX (which I have) and at the top the Crosshair V Formula series. Just how much you wanna spend. Although even the cheap board can get a good 8350 to 5Ghz stable. 


If you wanna stay with Intel the Xeon 1230V3 is also a good choice. You can't OC it like you can with the 4670k, but you get hyper threading and more cache (it is basically a 4770 without the iGPU). That will run games very well and make editing fly. You also get VM support which can be handy to have. I just built a mITX system with it and it has been fantastic. 

Although I think my 8350 based rig does do better with H.264 encoding. Haven't done a head to head but the 8350 was beating much more expensive CPUs so it could beat the Xeon especially if it was OCed. Streaming works fine on both the Xeon and the FX but the FX does seem to do better with streaming than the 3570k I had. 

Thanks, the 8320/8350 and a few other cpu's are good to go for this board but other cpu's need a bios upgrade so get what you are saying updating the bios can be risky.

Streaming on my FX 8320 is a breeze although i recommend a CPU cooler for it while streaming because it get's quite hot.