Need help/advice with rtx 2070 card

im using a msi gaming z rtx 2070 video card, im wondering is it normal while playing battlefield 5 for ray tracing on and playing with ray tracing off im getting almost the same fps either way both in 2k resolution with g-sync on., weird, my specs are b450 tomahawk motherboard, 32gb of 3200 mhz ram, ryzen 5 2600 cpu. dell 2k 27" monitor with g-sync. with ray tracing on, im getting like 45 to 50 fps, and 55 to 60 fps with ray tracing off. no vsync cause im using g-sync.and im playing with high settings 2k resoulution. and thats playing offline.


According to this article you should be seeing a decent hit to performance, something like 30-35%:

You might have to enable ray tracing in the system settings or some other such thing?

Can we put numbers to this?
What FPS are we looking at with and without? 10, 50, 160? Is V-Sync on, is FPS Capped, how is the CPU Load while gaming?
What are the other settings in game looking like? Maxed out or minimal details?

45 to 50 fps with ray tracing on, 55 to 60 ray tracing off, vertical sync off, cause im using g-sync, high settings. oh ya and im playing in 2k resolution. and thats playing a off line game.

hey your article i just read from techspot explained it all. the fps im getting seems to be normal according to there article in the resolution and settings i was using. wow i guess you have to have a rtx 2080 or 2080ti to get any decent fps. but the weird thing is im still not getting the fps i should be with ray tracing off.