Need help $200 water cooling budget

Can someone give me parts or a good kit to water cool my CPU and maybe gpu if you can fit that in for $200 or less. I have an i5 3570k and a 660 ti but it uses the 680 pcb so get a 680 water block.

Need to delve a little deeper than that... what case are you using, what are you cooling, CPU or GPU/Both, help us out otherwise we cannot help you out...

For that price your pretty much limited to a closed loop cpu cooler. I recommend the corsair h110 or any closed loop 280mm rad really.

I'm actually trying to set up water cooling and I looked into a closed loop but I want to do something that is fun and entertaining for me and my dad to work on, on my PC.


Get a XSPC Raystorm kit, they are fairly cheap and you build them yourself.