Need half-decent laptop

Unfortunatly, I have to sell my desktop PC as I am gonna be moving around a ton. I got a guy buying it for $1300 (proffited $150 :D) and I want a laptop with a good video chipset (that can run BF3 at med-high settings). I'm a desktop kind of guy and all of these laptop video chipsets confuse me. I need a couple of good video chipset/cards that are decent so I can search around. Budget is $750, prefer under.

the new razr or msi laptop are a good choice for gaming. 

Get something from iBuyPower. They have good prices for what you get and you can customize the parts that go into it. If not them check out CyberPowerPC. But I think iBuyPower Will be you best option. Stay away from Razer and Alienware as they are just plain rip offs (compare what you get with them to iBuyPower). Hope I helped.