Need guide both downloading hostapd and patching it for RTL 8188 etc chipsets!

I have made a thread before this one, but that was in a VM and I do not know how to re-download a new version of hostAPd, so that I can patch it. How do I download just the directory of the program but not install it yet or maybe I do need to install it? I don’t know.

Here are the instructions, that I can’t follow. I did it once, but it’s not quite enough for me to follow.:

I have run the patch part (with one error (driver.c), but it’s for a previous version of hostapd, 2.2. I figure I better stay on the newest versions for security and features. I just don’t know what the steps are, so if you all have done this before, it would be really cool to start a “hotspot” with my wireless on Linux instead of Windows.

I have already gotten my wireless drivers installed (a very long thread, while I did need extra bits, it only ended up working with an older version of the wireless driver) and now my GPU driver works as well. So, finally, now, I want an access point and client wireless networking on Linux–Windows made this way too easy. Or, Linux makes this way too hard. Or we could blame it on realtek, but the point is it’s quite involved.

I can’t even get my wireless to share through an ethernet cable to another system on Linux, and on Windows, my ethernet is stuck in “bridged mode” but there’s no bridge. I’d have to re-install the drivers but I somehow lost my drivers folder, and I don’t want to figure out what model motherboard I have again to go re-download them.

I even added some iptables rules that I don’t really understand, to try to forward the traffic from my wireless to my ethernet, but that didn’t work–for another thread, or maybe we’ll get to packet forwarding anyway just for hostapd.

Linux is very complex, but at least it’s open.

AP mode is going to work poorly at best (get another wireless NIC) and iptables is ~dead by now, use nftables instead.

Works fine on Windows 10.