Need eyes on my gaming/animation rig

Hey guys - I'm new here, but I'm a big fan of Logan's videos and I wanted to run my PC build by everybody. I'm a video game animator so I built this rig around wanting to play games at 2560x1440 at close to Ultra settings on most games (deifnitely ultra at 1080p). I'm also in Maya most of the day - so speed in the viewport is my #1 concern. I very rarely do any rendering, but it'll be nice to have the ability to chew through render times.

I'll try and provide my reasoning for choosing the components I did so you can have a little insight to my thought process. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Here she is:

CPU: I went with the 3930k because it has 6 cores and will really help out performance in Maya and Photoshop. Overclockable so I can push it a little bit. Planning on buying this at MicroCenter because its only $499 there.

Motherboard: I had heard good stuff about the P9X79. This board and LGA 2011 in general support up to 64GB of RAM which I one day plan on upgrading to because of the memory requirements of Maya and Photoshop.

RAM: Is RAM. Logan recommends higher clock speed RAM than this. I'm struggling to find an answer why that is more preferable than 1600 speed RAM. I can be convinced otherwise.

GPU: I went with the GTX680 because of its compatibility with Maya. I was going to buy a 7970 but a lot of game developer friends of mine said they like the nVidia drivers better. Please don't start a flame war on this. I am interested in hearing legitimate arguements though.

SSD: The Samsung 830 is sold out everywhere. Does anyone have any recommendations for 240GB/248GB SSD's that are awesome? I've heard good stuff about the OCZ Vertex4, the ADATA drive and Crucial's M4. Can't decide.

Monitor: I went with the Dell because its an IPS panel that does 2560x1440 and has a good warranty. I did a lot of research into the Korean IPS panels that they're selling on eBay and I decided the warranty, the extra inputs and the lack of dead pixels were worth the extra money to me.


Thanks for your time!

For SSDs you can go Plextor, M4, Intel, Sammy or ADATA doesn't really matter, I wouldn't go OCZ though as they are likely to go out of business soon here. 

If you are doing animation yes you really do need faster RAM and will notice, try to find some 2133 cas 9.

GPU really comes down to application, if Maya uses CUDA then go nvidia but if it has openCL I would go with AMD 7970s tend to be just a bit better clock for clock as well as OCing better, the driver issues have pretty much been resolved in the last couple months.

Yeah for ssd's just get a Kingston HyperX 3K or an Adata XSPG 900 (?). other than that, this build looks great.