Need cheap motherboard


I want to have a little fun with overclocking a g3258, until, lets say i want to know how far i can go until i brick it.

for that I need a lga1150 motherboard. i have no expierence with that socket, but i have down enough ocing in the past, to know that some boards actually dont offer any overclocking possibilities.

Do you know of any cheap motherboards that i could use to beat the s**t out of a g3258?

so far i looked at a


- ASRock H81M BTC

any (other) suggestions?

with those cheap boards i would not expect you to get very far, no heatsinks on the vrm area to cool them down, so i would not realy expect decent overclockability.

But yeah i dont know what you understand by cheap. to me every board below €100 is cheap.

I also dont realy understand your goal, are you just into burning some money litterly?


Well, since i am not going for a 24/7 build, i dont care if i brick a 50 buck board.I think i can "ghetto"-cool a cheap board enough, too not burn it up, and if, well then it was only 50 bucks.

But is it really necessary to have a decent stock cooling on those board, since we are talking of 53W TDP cpu.


May main concern was, if bios/uefi on cheap boards is even capable of overclocking.

Well you could try it, Basicly H and B series chipsetboards are not realy ideal for overclocking, but since the release of the pentium G, if im right some manufacterers have unlocked some of the overclock feutures on theire H and B series chipset boards.

Asus and Asrock did this for sure. still i would recommend a cheap Z series board.

Asrock even seems to have an Z97 aniversary edition board for it, for arround €80.

i assume that that board wont be a bad buy.

Well your still going to need a H/B/Z 97 chipset anless you have a older chip laying around to update the bios.

Realy you whant a z97 mobo for overclocking if your going to overclock even if its only for a cheap pentium (your not going to hit those 4.5Ghz overclocks on a H81 mobo)

convinced. Z97 seems to be what i need. and for that, the prize is awesome.

If you ask me, cooling the VRM is not the only thing... Even the Anniversary Edition board from Asrock have only 4 power phases. I would go with a bit more then that... I mean one of them will be for the north bridge, so you stay with 3 phases for the cores themselfs...

Something like THIS have 4+2 phases, which is a bit better then 3+1.

But in any case you need Z97 for any serious overclock... Keep in mind, that the reviews in the internet, where they reached 4,7-4,8GHz on this chip are made on 300$ mobos with more often then not open test benches with water cooling and additional fans for the mobo itself. So you may not even come close to 4,8...

yeah im kinda agree with this, if you realy wanne overclock the shit out the cpu you still gonne need a decent Z97 board.

There are a gew Z97 boards to grab below the €100 price range.

Well, you also have to consider that the G3258 is only two cores.  A 4+2 power phase board should still give you a pretty decent overclock with a 2 core CPU.