Need assitance with these components and the Wattage

All the Specs are in my profile, The only things not listed are my Blue Yeti Mic, 2 monitors, One 32inch TV and a 24 inch Monitor, And yea, I tried looking it all up but i can't find all the info. The random restarts i am having is because of my PSU, It's either going, or my computer is drawing too much power for it to handle. Can anyone help me out?

any overclocks?

None at all, NEver will.

I think 500w should be fine, probably even a little overkill. Your PSU is probably dying since I wouldn't consider Thermaltake to be a particularly reputable PSU manufacturer, and 750w is massive overkill for your system.

You have more than enough wattage. I'd assume the PSU is either of low quality or dying.

Yea, I figured as much, I will either RMA it or get a new one, Any reccomendations on Brands that sell Top Quality PSUs?

XFX, seasonic, EVGA.