Need APU part reccomendations!

Looking for PSU, RAM, and mobo reccomendations with these parts:




I'm considering this RAM:

Except I'm not sure about the company.

So the mobo would need to support 2400ghz ram, and it could be any size.


I'm not sure about that company either, but they do back that particular kit with a lifetime warranty, which says something about their confidence in their product. Now, whether or not they will honor their warranty with minimal hassle is a different story. If the memory does work, it would be a steal. Otherwise, if you want something tried and true, and don't mind some RAM OCing, their is alwasy G.Skill Ripjaws:

My favorite motherboard for the FM2 platform would be the ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M, but that seems a bit out of place pricing-wise in Canada ($65 in the US; $90 in CA). The Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-HD2 looks like a solid board; just don't go crazy on the OC without VRM heatsinks.

The power supply is tricky without really knowing what your power requirements are. If you just want to ride out the APU without adding a dedicated GPU, you can easily get away with a quality 300w power supply, even with OCing:

But if you want the option to upgrade down the road, I'd recommend 500w or greater, but you can probably get away with a 450w if it's only a mid-range GPU you upgrade to. The Rosewill 530w Green Series is a solid PSU:

UPDATE: To save yourself a few bucks, I'd opt for Trinity over Richland. The A10-5800k is $30 cheaper and you still get FC3:BD. The difference between Trinity and Richland on the desktop is negligible.

If you don't care much for Blood Dragon, and you know you will add on a GPU down the road, just get the A8 5600k. The signifant price drop will allow you save up for a GPU quicker, and you still keep the capable and unlocked quad-core CPU.