Need an PCIE IDE/ATA133 RAID card that's actually good

I've been having some problems with both of my JMB368 RAID cards being worse than the HPT370 RAID controller built into my old Abit VP6 (slower reads and writes at all times), and since I want to use my 2 remaining Samsung Spinpoint HA250JC HDD (the other 2 have dead control boards-rip 1TB Raid 0 array)) with my Z97 Sabertooth I can't use one of the old (and good) PCI RAID controller cards.

So far I haven't found anything, so does anyone know of some good PCIe IDE RAID controllers?

Edit: Or at least good PCIe x1/x4 to PCI adapter.

By the PCI-E era I think IDE was long gone, I only know of PCI cards - and even those can be rubbish. A SATA to IDE adapter for each drive could be an option, but personally I would just bin the Spinpoints,

I had a RAID array of 4 Spinpoints F2's, one died after 3 months, then after two years they started regularly falling off the array, data integrity issues, and no SMART alerts- I just don't trust them as far as I can throw them.

Example SATA/IDE Adapter:

I won't be binning these HDD anytime soon. Of the 4 I got 2 had less than 1000 hours powered on, with one being DOA and the 4th having over 4.7 years powered on with no change to its SMART status (I switched the control boards around so its not working ATM)-so of the 2 in the current software array I should get a lot of use out of them, and I've got some of the earlier 20GB versions which are also very reliable (if a bit loud).

I've used IDE to SATA adapters before and I'm really not impressed by them.