Need Advice on Upgrading and Overclocking

Here's what I'm working with:

CPU - I5 4690k
Motherboard - MSI Gaming 5
Graphics Card - Sapphire Radeon 270X
SSD - Samsung 120 GB
HDD - WD Black 1TB (Secondary Drive for my games of course)

I plan on upgrading my rig by moving my OS to a M.2 SSD either a 250 or 500 GB but I want to add a second Samsung SSD. As for my Graphics I'm thinking about picking something up either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

What's the best M.2 drive that I should be looking into? I plan on making room for installing VB and overclocking in the future.

Well, what are your goals for this? Why do you want to upgrade? No one can give you sound advice without knowing what you want from it.

If this is for a home-use or gaming computer, I'd just get a regular old SATA III SSD. NVMe still has a significant price difference, and the bulk of SSDs speed comes from random I/O, which NVMe doesn't change enough for its price premium. An affordable 256GB-class NVMe SSD is around $150 on NewEgg right now. You can get a SATA one for $80. For the same price, $150, you can get a 512GB-class SATA m.2 drive. Alternatively, you can also get pick up the cheaper SSD allocate that $70 savings for the GPU and get a much better gaming experience overall.

Just my 2 cents.

Your 2 cents is much appreciated. This is for my gaming rig, the reason for upgrading is because i'm running out of space and I do alot of programming for school projects/side jobs, I save all my video game data or anime which takes up alot of data. Also I have about 7 hard drives from over the years that are pretty much on the verge of dying and I want to salvage what I can from them is my other reason upgrading

Got any suggestion for upgrading my GPU?

put your class work and other files on a separate computer and net to it. "server"s no need to have all the stuff on a pc you use heavily

save your money until m.2 is replaced or cheaper. ssds are plenty fast enough for a gaming rig. esp for a programming rig. which doesn't need any amazing specs. i have 3 m.2 laying around due to my laptops. i haven't seen any great improvements to gaming using it. you will hear that from most people that have it.

gpu counts on what monitor you are using. im using a 1 x 1440p widescreen & 3 x 1080p on my 780 ROG Posiedon. it runs high fps for the monitors and res. so again, it counts on your monitors.

for my repositories & files on my servers im running 8TB's of 7200 speed HDD's & 500gb ssd for the gaming rig with 2TB 7200 HDD for games that i dont play online.

my two cents

Yeah I'm super paranoid about netting anything to my pc especially a school computer. I have a 2TB external drive I use for storing my files. Money is not a problem which is why I was looking at using an m.2 cause VB takes up a lot of space cause I was planning on doing some app development in like 7 months.

As for monitors I'm using two 24' Dells and 20' acer.

Alright I'll break out an old computer and turn it into a server or something to store my files.

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it depends
in the $180-250 range an RX 480 or GTX 1060 is your best bet... I'd lean towards RX 480 but simply because they tend to be cheaper for similar performance (for example: i believe one of the black friday deals is an RX 480 for $180... GTX 1060s are still $220+ usually)

Probably an R9 Fury X or if you can find one for under $400 a 1070

$400+ .... 1070
1080 is cool but not worth the massive spike in price for only 10% more performance