Need advice on Raspberry Pi Cameras for Car usage

Hey there. So my project sticking some rp’s in my car is at this point very successful. I am using one all the time as a headunit. The other one is let’s just say in maintenance for now.

I would like from you some suggestions for cameras. There are many types for the Pi. Wide-angle, noir, normal. If you know some exotic ones just post them.

Use case:
I need two of them. One should be with the rp-camera port that will serve as a dashcam. Storing footage for idk a day. It can be high res.
The other one can be both usb/rp-camera port and will be mounted somewhere under the trunk. I hope i can make the RP so i open up the feed only when i want. For instance to go in reverse, parking,… etc.

I don’t have a recommendation, but I’ve linked this to other people asking about the different kinds of RPi cameras


Thank you for the link. It’s definitely helpful.

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