Need Advice on my First Build

So here it is:

This is my first build (hooray!) and I'm looking for advice. I'll be a college freshman this coming year and want a gaming desktop that can run most new releases on mid to high (hopefully high) settings.  I think 8GB of ram is fine, especially since I don't plan to do any video editing.  I hope not to go above $1500.  It would be nice to overclock a bit.

My questions:

1. Am I missing anything-besides a monitor, keyboard, sound, and mouse?  Will these be compatible and fit in the case?

2. I plan to have this in my dorm and carry around a cheap laptop for word and email.  Can anyone give me some advice?

3. I can't seem to fit this square peg in a round hole, help!

Looks nice, but u shoud get much better psu. I dont see too big reason to have so high mhz ram, since overclocking ram doesnt give you too big of an performance boost. If u have that laptop, u can use its license to copy the windows to your new computer for free, unless its like vista :D U dont really need a bluray drive for anything imo :P

But again, get another PSU, because 8350 and 7950 are powerhungry. Get a 750w psu for just in case, so u can overclock with no worries and u can add more stuff to your system in future.

Ok so downgrade ram to lower hz, upgrade psu to like 750w, and change optical to dvd/cd rom.  Thanks for your help, finnishtbagger.  Being new to this, it never crossed my mind that overclocking would take more power.  Hurr durr...

Oh and, I don't have that laptop or any parts yet.  My only machine is a Gateway DX4710-05 with Vista.  I bought it 5 or 6 years ago and haven't upgraded anything.

Edited the parts list.  Hopefully those changes will work.  I'm guessing I'll need thermal paste?

I would go with a tx 650 over a cx 750.

That list looks much better now :D But...... but Ive heard that Corsair CX 750w is pretty bad psu that dies soon. U shoud get Fractal design integra r2, they are really good and pretty cheap too ( I have one personally).

If you want, you can change you case from window to non-window R4

It is on sale on NewEgg. You can save $30, if you are from the U.S.

Here's the link: Define R4

Also, NewEgg has sale on WD Caviar Green ($65 for 1.5 TB not bad in my opinion), up to you.

Install any lightweigt Linux distro and openoffice on latop.

I am using Slitaz on my Dell C600.

I have also configured wi-fi on it.

Ah, for some reason I thought the window was more of a backplate, for another fan or whatever.  Who knows? I might stick with a window, it looks pretty cool.

Will the 64GB of Samsung 830 SSD be enough for Windows 8 and other startup programs?  Really more for an overall boost than putting specific games on it.  Also on memory, I see 1TB+ HDDs and think, "I couldn't even use half that if I tried."   At some point, I feel like I have too much memory :/

I decided to go with the Corsair TX650 over the Integra F2 750.  Will 650W be enough to OC this reasonably?

Yes. With room to spare. If anything its a bit much as a strong case could be made for just going with a premium 550w for a single card setup.. or a nice 750 for dual.

This page should give you some peace of mind.,8.html

your build turned out very good after you took everyones suggestions. The only thing I can say is you can some some money by doing mail in rebates. Not a lot but it adds up, which you have done.