Need advice on first Gaming rig build

So, this'll be my first venture into DIY PC's and thus I don't really know a whole lot about what I'm doing.

If you guys could check out my build here: and leave comments/suggestions, that would be great.

I've got a 1,000$ budget, which includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset.I prefer mechanical keyboards, and I think I use a claw grip on my mouse. I'm not going to be too picky about screen size, if it will save me money, but I'd like AT LEAST 20 inches, preferably more like 23.

I'd like to be able to play Battlefield 4 on high settings if possible. Generally I prefer shooter games, but I also play League of Legends. I am open to overclocking, but not immediately if I'm going to have to put extra money into more fans.

If anything needs clarification, just let me know. Thanks!


Looks good! I swap the HDD to a 1tb caviar blue drive though. It's the same price for more storage

also with that mobo i dont think you can get much of an overclock but that's alright

You could get a decent 500w psu and be perfectly fine, even if you overclock.

I got you a nice motherboard, and onto the AM3+ platform with a FX-6300

Cheaper and faster RAM also added.

Forgot to add the mouse.  Anyway, I have the ambidextrous version of that mouse and it's great.

Ok, so I'm liking the upgraded motherboard, but I don't really know what the AM3+ platform is versus whatever I had before. What are the differences there?

Also, am I really going to need those extra two cores, and if I will, how will they benefit me?


Depends on the games you are playing. Battlefield 4 is one of the few games out there that will use as many cores as you can throw at it on the consumer level of computer products. If you plan on playing battlefield AM3+ is the way to go. Also FM2 is entry level, while you can play games on it, and that platform can run it well, it is designed for budget gamers who can't afford a video card. There really isn't much of a upgrade path with FM2, as it is being replaced with FM2+. AM3+ will give you an upgrade path, you can put an 8 Core processor on it and battlefield 4 will use all of those processing cores.

Since you have decided to go with a radeon 7870, logically, I would recommend going with a AM3+ mainboard and cpu instead of FM2 which is a dead socket.

Nice build by SomeTechNoob. But if you want to bring down that cost further,you could look at the 97 based mainboards. The 99x and 990fx are needed when you are planning for a dual gpu setup.If you aren't the 97 based chipset should be the way to go.

Not that i'm saying that is a bad board.Just letting you know of your options. The 97 Evo R2.0 from Asus is what i have.Running a 8350 on it.Fantastic board.

97 EVOs are more expensive than 99X Evos right now in the US :S.

I would stick with the 99X/990fx chipset for future crossfire possibilities.

Sorry,i didn't know that.Odd that the 97 based chipset is more expensive.

97 EVO is a great mobo but it is becomeing expensive because of lack of stock (asus droped the 'EVO' range of motherboards across all platforms sometime ago)

I have a 97evo myself its a good mobo.

Really?They dropped the EVO line? The Asus guy here said they were not bringing in the PRO line in SIngapore.All we have is the EVO line.

Would you recommend a 7870 over an R9 270, or the other way around? I say 270 instead of the 270x because (according to Linus) they're the same thing, except the 270 comes a little underclocked out of the box, but can be overclocked to about the same speed of the 270x. The R9s seem to be newer, so I was wondering, is the 7870 becoming outmoded?