Need advice on building a $600 PC w/o graphics card!

I've recently went through a pretty tough time with my last rig. The hard drive crapped out on me, and the rest of the computer did as well. The computer was pre-built and purchased 4 years ago. I have a brand new R9 280x that is the only part that I could salvage.

I'm looking for some advice as to what is the best possible configuration for ~$600 CAD. Both AMD and Intel options are fine, looking really for the best bang for buck. 

Thanks in advance!

If you dont need that much storage you can also kick out the hdd and maybe get a 500gb ssd, in that case you could also get a core 3300 and take out the hdd mount so that your 280x fits. The cooler is for overclocking, if you dont overclock you can use the stock cooler or use something a bit weaker for more quiet operation (cnps5x, tx3 etc.). I guess you can use the os and the optical drive of your old system, if not youll probably have to kick the ssd out and go full hdd.

yet another variation with faster ram better SSD ... decent all around PC ... just add GPU

Wasn't really satisfied with any of the builds above mine, not to mention that 2/3 are US pcpp.

Non-overclocking build.

 try this for CND$621