Need advice on a NAS upgrade before buying

I’m looking to upgrade from my current setup with unraid as I found it very unstable and overall I found unraid pretty disappointing. I want to try Proxmox this time. Since Ryzen Zen 3 is soon to be released I’ve thought of using the following setup:

  • Ryzen 7 5800x / 9 5900x (not yet sure)
  • Asus ROG Strix X570-E (looking for opinions on this choice especially, I’ve read the groupings are pretty decent)
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz 4x16 GB (left over from current setup, would upgrading to 4000 MHz be worth the money?)
  • RTX 2080 for guest (left over)
  • some cheapest GPU I can find for host
  • maybe a GPU for transcoding
  • Antec P101 which will host the setup and my 5 (for the moment) HDDs

I will be passing through the 2080 and 2 NVMe drives to a Win 10 VM on which I work daily (same as my unraid setup). Will this setup work correctly? Are there any known issues concerning virtualization or IOMMU on AMD that I should be aware of? I’ve read somewhere that only Gigabyte motherboards can boot with the host GPU in a slot other than x16, is that true?

Next part is the software. What is the standard for disk array and samba sharing software in Proxmox? I would very much like to keep the current file system (xfs) on my disks and just import them so zfs is not an option (it never was due to how unflexible it is). Should sharing be done in a guest or in the host?

Any input/advice would be appreciated, thanks!

I tried searching but I couldn’t verify if your board supports ECC. I do not think ECC is required at all for a NAS but I think you would be better served by paying extra for ECC rather than paying for faster ram.

Fastest ecc I found is 3200 MHz and with much worse timings than non-ecc, is there really such small difference between that and 4000 MHz? I thought Ryzens liked higher memory speeds? My previous was an Intel so I wasn’t concerned that much about this.

Ryzen totally digs higher memory speeds but the benefits those provide are not the most important for NAS situations. For specific use cases ram speed may really matter but I think the ecc will especially benefit your needs. 3200mhz ecc is nothing to sneeze at either. Whatever you do let us know how it all goes.

It’s a NAS, but it also is my main pc. I’m passing through the GPU to a Win 10 VM and I’m doing my work/gaming there. I can always upgrade later on, from what I’ve searched the board I mentioned does support ECC. Anyway, I think the bigger issue for me is stability and compatibility with IOMMU and PCIe passthrough :slight_smile:

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