Need a psu! / case / rate my build

so basicly im building my first gaming pc.


my budget is around 800-905€ and my specs are going to be 


I5 3570k 

 G.skill sniper 1866mhz.


 asus p8z77-v.

 also do you think i should change any of my specs to a better one in the same price range.

I'm not familiar on europian stuff but it looks like a 500W psu will do just fine, Just get a GOOD brand.

Can't help you too much on the case. Sorry bro.

seasonic, xfx, corsair are the best. some antec and cooler master ones r good too

corsair cx 750w? is that a good one its for sale for 80€

yes that corsair will do just fine i saw a case that looked quite nice it was the zalman z11 or something like that :)

Depends on your budget, but good cases I know of are the Cooler Master Haf 912, Zalman Z11, Corsair 200R, 300R, CM Storm Trooper and Fractal Design R4

well the budget is in the desc but alright il look em up

Instead of Nvidia card go with AMD when you're on a budget. Cause only when you've got alot of money to spend on GPU's you choose Nvidia..

nah i'll stick with nvidia

unless you can reccomend something?

Have you edited your rig because stick with Nvidia if you have a 680... I dont remember saying you should go with an AMD if you have a 680. I'm sorry about that :P

no i have not :P