Need a pfSense box and have a laptop laying around? This dude made it awesome!

I did not build this, but I really think it is awesome. Am considering whether I should do something like this myself.

Notice, for instance, how he has even broken out the wires from the fans and soldered the sensor wires on the motherboard itself. And a serial port routed to the back of the case. All of it it is really well thought out.

Imgur album
Reddit post


Woah, that looks legit! I have to try this lol

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That build is great, I had planned to do something similar to my old laptop but never got around to it but I may look into it again. Only real issue with it is that the fan is broken so it could fix the cooling and make a decent slow power machine for some stuff.

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Yeah as long as you don't need the form factor, you can slap anything on it.

I have as well, but i didn't want to do ethernet through USB, but PCIe like this guy does is a great idea, again, if you don't need the form factor, all of these things are possible.

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awesome how he got a 4 port NIC into play.

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That guy is a total genius. I've been thinking about how to make a pfSense box out of a laptop and this guy realized exactly what I had in mind.

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Yes, he kind of is :stuck_out_tongue: If you overlooked it, he provided a write-up of the build here, maybe there's some inspiration to gather from it, even though it is not 1:1 with another motherboard.


I didn't see it! Thanks for pointing that out for me. If I can get my hands on a laptop I might give it a try.

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