Need a pcie riser

Anybody recommend one? Done some research on amazon but reviews for most are all over the damn place, some even show photos of the solder ends burnt or ripped to shreds

Anything from iStar or Supermicro would be a best bet, as those are 2 server grade case and component manufacturers. I don't normally suggest the ribbon cable adapter cables as those typically use too thin of wire gauge to transmit power to devices like GPUs effectively without starting a fire.

Thanks for those. Unfortunately none of those would work for my situation as I need one that's of the IDE ribbon cable kind.

My biggest concern with yours Zypher is actually the seller in this case. Reviews from the last two weeks have a lot of people complaining about either defective product or not receiving products at all in some cases

This one's a bit pricey but damn it looks a lot nicer. I don't know how long it needs to be

Yeah i saw that one. Appears to be the best quality one of the bunch. I've discovered that Lian Li makes their own versions of these as well