Need a new screen for an Acer Aspire V7 laptop, where should I buy it?

Hey everyone,

I have a friends laptop here and it needs a new screen. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a place for me to get it without costing an arm and a leg (just an arm is fine). I would need to have it shipped to Canada or be bought within Canada. I found one on Amazon from a 3rd party seller but I'm open to other options.

You need to disassemble and get the p/n on the back of the screen. When you get that, do a ebay/alibaba/amazon search, or just use google shopping. p/n is you best bet to get a compatible one at a good price- don't just look up 'acer aspire v7 replacement screen' -this will give you varied results.

Getting the product number wasn't something I thought of. I'll definitely take it apart and grab that. Finding out where to buy one is my biggest concern. Things like shipping and quality can make a difference.

What's the hardware on the laptop and how's it battery life? Is it relatively new? Also if isn't too mobile just turn it into a desktop PC and hook up a monitor to it, or just buy a USB display

The laptop is only a couple of years old so definitely worth fixing if it costs less than $100. My friend is in university and uses it in classes. He also doesn't have a computer monitor so the screen needs to be fixed unfortunately. He doesn't have the money for a new laptop.

You can get a laptop for under $100, but ya, what they said, tear it apart

That is one of the sites I saw, wasn't sure how reputable it was.