Need a new PSU

So my current PSU a corsair CX600's fan died.

So I'm in the market for a new PSU, I'm hoping to get a 700w more or less quiet PSU preferably 80+ bronze or better.

What do you guys recommend?

IMO, the best PSU's are the Corsair AXI series. Get the one that fits your power needs. Also, your CX could be covered under their super long warranty. You should check if you havent.

I bought it ages ago, its about 3 years old now, and it isn't haswel certified.

I intend to SLI in the coming months so I need either 750 bronze or 650 gold - also I don't want to deal with shipping the PSU back

I'm looking at a Seasonic X650 which is $140 canuck bucks -is that a good choice?

EVGA's G2 series are quality built.

little too expensive for me.

I need something around $100 USD and preferably silent and modula

Corsair RM series. 

Well built, gold efficiency, fully modular, and the fan turns off under low load.Little bit more than you wanna spend though ($100-$120). But if you want  decent, silent PSU with that much juice you need to spend a bit.

$120 without rebate, $100 with. In my experience the Corsair rebate process is quick and painless. I'd grab this one.

thats the same price as the Seasonic I was looking at, how silent is it? doesn't need to be 100% quiet since I have a noise dampening case but whats it like?

It is silent up to 40% load. The fan doesn't even turn on until over 40%. So most of the time when you're not in game it will be silent. After that it puts out about 15dB until like 80% load. Then it goes to a max of like 25dB. 

I have a few of these in various wattages. I never hear them.

cool thanks, I guess I'll pick that one up, thanks for the advice

NP. Should be a good fit for you. I have four of them and they have all been solid. They also have a 5 Year warranty too. 

If you haven't pulled the trigger yet, just a few I can think of off the top of my head:

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2

Seasonic X-750

bequiet! Power Zone 750W

SeaSonic M12II Bronze EVO 750W

nah I already did, thanks for the suggestions though!

WOW, I have to say this thing is silent. the loudest component in my computer is now is the hard drive, thanks for the rec, really like the PSU

Oh looks like I'm too late. I actually have a Seasonic SSR-650RM 80+ gold listed on amazon for 59 bux.