Need a new headset

i bet the reason you didnt like the siberias is cuz they have low bass, my friend has the 5hv2 i have the bose around the ear and while mine are infinitely better for music the 5hv2 win for game shands down, in gamign you dont want heavy bass because it makes positioning harder trust me siberias are great for gaming but thats it

Old thread.

exactly we have new thread about headsets every week it seems they don't change that often

I bought the G35's instead of the other headset (awesome so far), but I have a question. Is there a way to make it so when I am not using the G35's I can use my speakers without going into playback devices and setting the speakers as default, or vice versa? With my headsets in the past I didnt have to switch the default playback device.

(didnt figure we needed another thread for this)