Need a new Gamer headset

Hi, Looking for new headset. My budget would be under 200 dollars. Must not look like cheap 20 buck turtlebeachs. Must not looks overly plasticly futuristic like gamescom, I mean it should have a few features, but not tons of empty plastic shape form if you know what I mean.  

Here's my requirements:

-No wireless, I don't plan on charging it every day for 1-2 hours just to listen to them. They only way it could get away is if it last longer than 24+ hours without recharging.

-Must be contain the music. Close cans, not open. I don't want my family listening in on my music. Same goes other way I don't wanna listen or stand next to a family member and hear their rock music etc.... So noise cancelling is a plus. 

-Must be able to be sleep proof. Meaning I will most likely fall asleep in them. So they gotta take abuse.

-Must be single wire from headset to plug or usb adaptor. I'm just really sick of headphone/audio jack twisting together.


Guys here just made a video about headsets - check it out.

Main point is: dont look for a gaming headset. Look for hi-fi audio headphone and attach mod mic to it. Good brands to look for are Sennheiser, Bose, Harman/Kardon, JBL, AKG, Klipsch etc...