Need a injection supported usb card (VMware/Backtrack 5)?

Hello guys,

New to Backtrack and have just slapped a copy of 5 r3 on VMware on my Mac.

Just running though some beginner tutorials but getting stuck at the first a terminal to try and put my wifi card in monitor mode, but nothing showing up under the terminal command airmon-ng. So, Im assuming I need injection supported usb cards? and if so any recommendations?

Did you attach the WiFi adapter to the virtual machine through the Removable Devices menu? If you have and it's not showing up in iwconfig then definitely take a look at Alfa products on Amazon or any USB adapter with an RTL8187L chipset. Here's two that I would recommend you look at:



Stay away from the white Realtek based Alfa. I tested it multiple times in different configurations and the wireless performance was absolutely crap.

The internal WiFi card is emulated as a wired NIC that is why it does not show up, I'm not sure if the live disc will run on a mac but if it does then you should be able to use aircrack-ng

Thanks RyanC,

Think the problem is Iv been trying to use my built in Airport Extreme and VMWare can only seen it as virtual Ethernet devices.

So, looks like USB is the only option for me!

Just put a bid in for a RTL8187L with the 5 & 9dBi 2.4GHz Antenna, so finger crossed!

Thanks MrPeter,

Dont have a DVD drive on my mac, so think VM the USB is my only option.......but considering getting a cheap dedicated laptop just for learning on.

Well if the adapter doesn't show up in the removable devices menu then you probably need to get another WiFi adapter (preferably USB). Good luck!

Thanks RyanC, went with the Alfa AWUS036H :)