Need a gaming mic

I have been using for few years Antlion’s ModMic. Not the latest version, but the 2.0. Happy with it, but not perfect, since it captures a lot of background noise/sounds and since COVID, I am sharing the same “office” with my wife, thus my colleagues (and often my teammates) can hear her through mic.

I wouldn’t be searching for a new one, but, the sticker that holds it on my headphones dried out and fell. I ordered some from 3M to replace it, but for some reason, they don’t hold… The original, was 3M, lasted 4-5 years, but the new ones, last barely 3-4 weeks each. And it is really annoying to have the mic fall while doing a presentation (or playing). Tried to clean very well both surfaces, tried different surfaces, no go.

Antlion offers a kit of magnets and stickers, but I cannot find them in EU, and the cost to get them from US is 80% of the cost of a new mic. Not worth it. Also, I am afraid the stickers won’t last either.

So, if I have to buy a new mic, I may as well shop around for other options. ModMic is ideal for me, since I can attach it to any headphones, it has 2 sets for magnetic bases and works fine, apart from the background noise capture.

What other options do I have? I need something relatively small, with good sound, noise reduction and not some huge studio mic, like the ones streamers use.

ps. headsets are no go, as I am using studio grade headphones

Blu / MXL have been well regarded brands. Dependent on connection means [USB, XLR, etc.], may dictate the final decision / roundup. If you wish to limit/avoid noise, you may want to look at a directional [cardiod] mic, that’ll be more contained forward angle and will [generally] avoid/muff any noise source(s) behind device.

I’ve been using Blu’s iCE recently with good recommend [attached to an OVERkill heavy boom stand + hemispherical shock collar]. Main caveat to iCE, is to speak at an off angle.

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Sorry, forgot to mention.
I prefer a 3.5mm jack, to connect to my audio card, but an excellent option with USB can be considered too.

I know of one mike that meets some of your requirements, but straight up doesn’t meet anothers.
Alctron CS35U, its an USB desk mike, rather large, even comes with its own shock mount, but requires a stand or boom arm, so it can be pretty inconvenient.
However, it captures clean sound, only from a very close range instead of picking up stray noise from around the room (like my previous mike did), i use mine to talk to my friends over Discord or Xbox live party, it does a great job.
Its not expensive either.

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3.5mm is being less and less prevalent, in favour of USB [as the simpler connectivity]
Min-XLR’d mics, may support 3.5mm [see link for an example]

Have you tried buying 3M grey havy duty double sided tape and just cut out what you need to hold the microphone attached?
It’s a super strong double sided tape and I highly suggest you try that first before buying a whole new microphone.

You want what is called a “dynamic microphone”, the same type used on stage during concerts.

That is actually a huge mistake a lot of streamers make. “Large diaphragm condenser mics” need proper acoustic room treatment in a quiet environment since they are great at picking up all sorts of room sound (or reverb from the voice reflecting of the monitors).

Something like the Samson Q2U or AudioTechnica ATR2100x-USB would give you the option to run on USB while also letting you change over to a dedicated audio interface later on.
Cheap desk-mount mic-arms can be found for 20€/$

If you are open to running a small mic-preamp or audio interface, Shure PGA48 or Mackie EM-89D would be good options.


I did try, but the magnetic base is not flat, has a cavity, and the thickness of the stickers they provide helps with that and also any non-flat surface you may attach it on your headphones.

I don’t want to go too offtopic but have you tried stacking one or two pieces of it. That tape is not regular plastic tape and it has some thickness to it.
Maybe that could help.

IF you have headphones with a removable cable and it has a 3.5mm plug in the earcup, The Vmoda Boom Pro Mic plugs right in and its quality sounds really good from what I have seen in reviews.

yes, but no… :slight_smile: It is not a 3.5mm

ahh so close, ive seen people user a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter to use it, but if you ever get a new headphone, I definitely recommend the Coolermaster MH751 which has a 3.5 as well as a detachable mic.

I have a Boom Pro that I use daily and it is a pretty decent mic.

But as OP has studio headphones it probably wouldn’t work since many of them don’t have 3.5mm jacks in the ear pieces.


Anyways, an option that may be out there, but a lav mic? I have a Rode Lav mic that uses a simple 3.5mm jack and sounds decent.

Otherwise I think your options for a small mic would be either another Mod Mic or whatever the Drop knock off mic is called. Both of those would be just like your current mic with something adhered to your headphones and a cable running down to your sound device.

Passed that it would be desktop or arm mounted mics.

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