Need a Cheap ATX case with Great Airflow

So I recently sold my old rig to a family member and they have been reporting that its been turning off on them when playing games. I had replaced the plastic side with mesh to help airflow but I guess it didn't do much good. I know we need a new case because if you crack open the side pannel the computer wont crash, What is the best case for cheap that has really good airflow (would like psu to be bottom mounted). The computers specs if your wondering is a Intel i7-870, 16gb ram, a GTX-460 with a 600w psu. Old case shown below.

I would recommend the 912.  It's not the best case but it's got a bottom mounted PSU, dust filters, front and side intake, top and rear exhaust. Also, good cable management.  There's probably a better case out there, but the 912 is probably the most popular.

I like that it has a Nice big vent on the top, Would need to buy more fans for it but its a good option! Will consider, still open for more suggestions if anyone has any!

My favorite for this price range has to be the NZXT Tempest 410 Elite.

It's got 2 x 120mm fans in the front and 1 x 120mm fan in the back, with room for 1 x 120mm on the bottom and 2 x 140mm or 2 x 120mm fans on the top.  The front fans have dust filters and each panel comes off with two clips.  The PSU can mount upside down, and has a dust filter built in.  Cable management is pretty good, with a few grommets to route cables behind the motherboard.  And the side panel window is nice for showing off your rig.  It also has 4 USB ports in the front, which is nice.

Noo I was gonna say tempest and refreshed to finsh this lol.Tempest hands down

The Tempest Looks most excellent! Thanks guys =]

I'd say the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2, on sale right now for $64.99. Great airflow, solid build quality, pretty good cable management, and fantastic looks.

I agree with you completely. I can't stand gaudy or otherwise "bulky" cases like that. I need clean, sleek - Case Labs, Silverstone, Lian Li, Little Devil, Fractal Design, etc.

I'm more of a minimalist myself. H630 from nzxt & almost all of fractals line.

Me too :) You can't compare to a Case Labs in quality, or design. They are just awesome :)

Yes, the Tempest isn't the best case in terms of looks, but i'm not after looks. Im after a case that will make certain that the computer will no longer be getting so warm it turns off. The Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 looks like it isn't set up the greatest for really good airflow, and where are you seeing it for only 69.99? Newegg has it for 99.99.

NZXT Phantom 410 its a midtower chassis with 3 case fans (2 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm) and removable HDD cage to allow more room for extended video cards.The power supply goes in the bottom.Only problem is it's $90.

It's on NCIX :)

I too am not the biggest fan of the cosmetic appeal of the Tempest, but that's a personal preference... I've owned and extensively used the HAF 912 and can definitely reccomend it, great airflow!

Thanks Guys, I'll probly just be grabbing a HAF 912 and some fans. Seems like a good option and I like that it DOESNT have 3.0 Usb ports on it. the Mobo in the rig cant use them anyways, so why have useless ports.

what is overheating? sounds like the system is unstable.

Cant tell. System has never been overclocked, the GPU has a very slight overclock on it but nothing that would make it unstable. It only shuts off when playing demanding games for a while but if the side pannel is cracked open the computer is fine. Im thinking the ambient temps in the case get too warm and it shuts off.

Last time I was able to mess with the computer I checked everything, reworked the cable management and added a new intake fan to it, ran Prime95 on the system for well over an hour (with side pannel on) and it was perfectly fine and stable. Like I said, it seems to be mainly when gaming. Since its fine with the side open I really think its just very poor airflow.

Arc Midi R2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CM HAF912.