Need a case for my computer

Well, to start off, I have a very compact computer, and I'm looking to buy a new case to sort of.. open everything up.


I need a case that can support my motherboard, -


I have 4GB Ram, gt545, 1tb hdd.


I just need a cheap case under $50 if thats possible.


Im from Canada. Thanks.

Huge but why not?

Go for something like a Fractal design Node 304 or a Cooler master Elite 120 if you want something a little less expansive.

You can technically mount that into just about any case, by screwing in a standoff or two. So if you happen to find a nice mATX case that you like, you could use that, but then it kinda makes the whole m-ITX situation useless, I think. As far as mini-ITX cases go, they tend to run on the expensive side, and I would recommend saving up about $90 and buying a Bitfenix Prodigy, it is one of the roomier mini-ITX cases and it happens to be pretty easy to build in with dual-slot graphics cards.

fractal core 1000 or a bitfenix prodegy if you can find one on sale